What we do

Push the boundaries of optical performance

We support engineers building advanced laser systems to push the boundaries of performance using wafer-scale freeform optics. Using two decades of design expertise, combined with proprietary manufacturing technology that enables rapid development, we help you benefit from freeform optics solutions faster.

We embrace challenge and partnership to accelerate laser applications discovery within the areas of healthcare, defence, datacoms and industry.

More advanced freeform optics

Our high quality wafer-scale freeform optics offer the potential for significant performance gains in laser applications: be that efficiency, precision or consistency.   We produce some of the smoothest, lowest scatter truly freeform optical surfaces in the world. The resulting gains in high power handling and reductions in component size and weight then unlock even greater capability, multiplying your performance advantage. We offer a range of design options to suit your requirement phase,  reducing the cost and risk of concept development.

Rapid prototyping and lower total cost solution

We bring you a path from concept to volume manufacturing that is faster than ever. Make your ideas a reality in a matter of weeks as opposed to many months.

We offer:

  • Complete design freedom with the support of wafer-scale optics experts who will bring you their holistic technical and commercial understanding.
  • The ability to model ‘as manufactured’ surface metrology information, so you can predict performance before the prototype even ships.
  • Pioneering and bespoke manufacturing expertise can deliver prototypes in as little as 8 weeks and is capable of ramping in volume after that.

Scale with confidence

The PowerPhotonic approach is tried and trusted by some of the world’s leading organisations. Use our specialist expertise to reduce risk and gain high speed entry to a different class of optics. Enhance performance and maintain your competitive edge.

A challenge shared

Our expertise is underpinned by two decades of fundamental R&D, proprietary manufacturing technology and a growing portfolio of patents. Rest assured we can work in partnership to deliver wafer-scale freeform optics of the highest quality at pace and at scale.

PowerPhotonic is an ISO9001 accredited organisation with a rapidly expanding team on a strong growth path. We have manufacturing and engineering operations in the UK and US, and an established and growing customer base in the UK, Europe, US, Japan and South Korea.

We look forward to helping you drive engineering success.