Laser Materials Processing

Wafer-scale optics capable of handling multi-kiloWatt laser applications with high precision

Light Tunnel Generator

NEW from PowerPhotonic – A Beam Shaper to enhance laser cutting

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We enhance laser processes and optical systems

Our high quality, wafer-scale, freeform optics offer the potential for significant performance gains in laser applications and optical systems: be those efficiency, precision or consistency.   We produce some of the smoothest, lowest scatter truly freeform optical surfaces in the world.

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What we do

PowerPhotonic is a pioneer, solving challenges using freeform wafer scale optics

We support engineers building advanced laser systems to push the boundaries of performance using wafer-scale freeform optics. Using two decades of design expertise, combined with proprietary manufacturing technology that enables rapid development, we help you benefit from freeform optics solutions faster.

Standard Products

Browse our range of standard beam shapers, diffusers, homogenizers, array collimators and combiner optics.

Unique Design Experise

If one of our standard products does not meet your requirements, we routinely design and manufacture bespoke solutions that are optimized for system level performance enhancement.

Rapid Prototyping

Lightforge is our trademark rapid protoyping service. If you have a design that conforms to the Lightforge process for an uncoated optic, it can be supplied in weeks.


Let PowerPhotonic remove much of the burden of integrating our wafer scale freeform optics into your optical system. We supply mounted and pre-aligned optical sub-assemblies.

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Clear Aperture

PowerPhotonic Lens Calculators

Conic Constant

PowerPhotonic Lens Calculators

The conic constant describes the curve obtained as a conic surface intersects with a plane. There are three general types of conic section: Hyperbola, Parabola and Ellipse (a Circle is a special Ellipse).

Please enter the appropriate constant as shown in the image.

Image by: By 0x30114 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Input Beam Diameter (din) 1/e²

PowerPhotonic Lens Calculators

Input Beam Diameter (din) 1/e²

PowerPhotonic Lens Calculators

Output beam size definition by shape type

PowerPhotonic Lens Calculators