Bessel Beam Generator

Comparison of Bessel Z-Top Shaper to Axicon


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The PowerPhotonic Bessel Beam Generator is an advanced refractive optical element engineered to transform a single mode Gaussian beam into a Bessel beam. The Bessel beam it produces has a flattened intensity profile in the direction of propagation. When paired with customer-supplied de-magnification optics, this provides high performance laser processing of glass and other transparent materials.

By generating a uniform intensity profile as the light propagates, the PowerPhotonic Bessel Beam Generator ensures a consistent interaction with materials. For transparent material processing, the uniform profile improves the efficiency of non-linear processing, yielding precise cuts and modifications.

For glass cleaving, the flattened Bessel beam’s extended focal range produces clean and controlled modifications. It also offers high power handling, which leads to increased processing speeds and higher cleave quality. The PowerPhotonic Bessel Beam Generator has the added advantage of wavelength flexibility due to its refractive design.

Product Spec Sheet

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Bessel Beam Generator 


Key Features
  • Flattened Intensity Profile along propagation direction
  • Uniform Material Interaction along propagated beam
  • High Aspect Ratio of Central Lobe Size : Beam Length
  • High Power Handling Capabilities
  • High Power Efficiency in Shaped Bessel Beam
  • Wavelength Flexibility
  • Consistant Propagation Flat-Top Profile
Target Applications
  • Glass Cleaving
  • Transparent Material Processing
  • Medical Imaging