Fiber Coupling Microlens Array


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Collimation and coupling of fibers can be made simple with the use of a PowerPhotonic fiber microlens array. PowerPhotonic standard microlens arrays are designed for coupling or collimation of SMF-28 single mode fibers.

Multi-channel optical communication systems require microlens arrays for coupling between laser sources, fiber and waveguide arrays, optical multiplexing and optical switching.

Made from fused silica, these microlens arrays minimise channel cross-talk due to extremely low scatter and minimise insertion loss due to surface accuracy.

Product Spec Sheet

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Fibre Coupling Micro Lens Array

Key Features
  • High uniformity of RoC, conic and pitch
  • High Transmission
  • Very Low Scatter
  • High LIDT Capabilities
  • Low Roughness
  • High Power Handling
  • High Accuracy Collimation and Coupling
Target Applications
  • Fiber Array Collimation
  • Wavefront Selective Switching
  • High Performance Telecoms