Flat Top Beam Shaper for Ultra-fast Lasers


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PowerPhotonic’s Flat Top Beam Shapers for Ultrafast Lasers are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ultra-fast laser material processing applications. These beam shapers are thin glass windows with a precision freeform surface that are designed to be mounted in a collimated laser beam and create a flat top at the focus of a lens. They offer efficient beam conversion, high power handling, and cost-effectiveness.  The beam shapers are customizable for wavelength and beam size and can be used in a variety of applications.

Product Spec Sheet

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Beam Shaper for Ultrafast Lasers

Key Features
  • Efficient beam conversion
  • High power handling
  • Cost effective
  • Customizable for wavelength
  • Customizable for beam size
  • Improve the efficiency of the laser system
  • Optimise spot on the workpiece
  • Improved precision of material processing
Target Applications
  • LIPSS Generation
  • Micro-cutting
  • Micro-engraving
  • Micro-scribing
  • Drilling