Trident Generator


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The PowerPhotonic Trident Generator is designed to transform a collimated single mode beam into small ring + gaussian at the focus of a focusing lens. In remote welding, the Trident Generator can be used to control the melt pool, while keeping the keyhole intact. This can lead to a less viscous melt pool, reducing spatter and porosity of the weld. By upgrading your laser head with a Trident Generator, you can experience the benefits of improved process quality, increased throughput, and reduced operating costs.

Product Spec Sheet

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Single Mode Trident Generator

Key Features
  • Efficient Beam Conversion
  • High Power Handling
  • Optional Extinction Ratio
  • Accurate Control of Melt Pool
  • Cost Effective Beam Shaping
  • Ease of Integration
Target Applications
  • Remote Welding
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Laser Micro Machining
  • Ultrafast Material Processing