Laser Induced Damage Threshold


Developments in laser technology continue to increase output powers year-on-year, with commercially available CW power as high as 100kW (in 2023). Pulsed lasers have seen a corresponding rise in pulse energy, peak pulse power and average output power across fs-ns-μs pulsed lasers. All optical components used in conjunction with these high power CW and pulsed lasers need to have a high laser induced damage threshold (LIDT).

The LIDT of an optical component is determined by (i) the choice of glass; (ii) its purity; (iii) how it is processed from its blank or substrate state; (iv) residual surface roughness; and (v) optical coatings.

PowerPhotonic optics and assemblies use the highest grades of fused silica, have the smoothest freeform surfaces available, and are coated with specially selected coatings all to ensure the best in class LIDT performance.


Data Sheet

For more information and typical LIDT data for PowerPhotonic components please download our datasheet or contact