Product Change Notification Policy

As part of our product change process, PowerPhotonic will commit to notification of any change that may affect the fit, form or function, or adversely impact quality or reliability.

Definition of Fit: The shape, size, dimension, mass, weight and other parameters which uniquely characterise an item.

  • Any change in the manufacturing process that is likely to impact the optical surface properties such as RoC, sag, surface roughness, alignment features etc.

Definition of Form: The ability of an item to physically interface or interconnect with or become an integral part of another item.

  • Anti-reflectance coating changes (implies that we need PCN control on coatings suppliers)
  • Dicing process for edge quality and edge straightness

Definition of Function: The action or actions that an item is designed to perform

  • Changes to the optic outside the clear aperture
  • Changes to the source material specification

Quality and Reliability

  • Changes to the coatings

Stage 1: Notification Information

PowerPhotonic will provide the following information a minimum of 90 days before the implementation of any notifiable change unless circumstances beyond our control prove preclude this.

  • Detailed Description of Reason for Change
  • PCN Number
  • Product Affected
  • Impact on Fit, Form, Function, Quality & Reliability
  • Qualification Plan & Results (Qualification schedule if results are not available)
  • New Sample Availability Date
  • Proposed Date of Production Shipment

If samples are needed for your evaluation of a change, we require that this request be made within 30 days of the notification.

Stage 2: Product Change Implementation

Due to logistical and supply chain reasons, it may not be practicable to guarantee that deliveries of the old product will cease after the proposed date of introduction of the new product.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about the PowerPhotonic product change policy.