Management System

The PowerPhotonic quality management system applies to all products, services, and activities that affect the customer.

PowerPhotonic has a series of business processes.

  • Develop, manufacture, test, and deliver products and related services
  • Meet customer orders, requests, deadlines, and specifications
  • Meet regulations, environmental expectations, and industry standards
  • Operate an efficient business
  • Achieve the corporate strategy and goals

The business processes that comprise the quality management system are listed here.

Management Responsibility

  1. Management Review
  2. Document Control
  3. Records Control

Resource Management

  1. Annual Plan
  2. Capital Equipment
  3. Facilities, Communication, Data Processing
  4. Human Resources and Training

Product Realisation

  1. Design and Development
    1. Market Requirements/ Business Plan
    2. Product Development Processes
    3. Product Qualification and Readiness
  2. Production Planning Processes
    1. Configuration Management, Information, Traceability
    2. Contract and Order Entry Administration
    3. Business Planning
    4. Supplier Planning
    5. Supplier Management

Measurement, Analysis, and Continual Improvement

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Product and Process Monitor
  4. Nonconformance Control
  5. Corrective Action
  6. Preventive Action