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PowerPhotonic’s progressive staff development and recruitment approach underpins its strong, global growth.
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PowerPhotonic’s progressive staff development and recruitment approach has been key to its continued, strong, global growth. This has created career opportunities for PowerPhotonic staff, demand for precision optics specialists, and a need for a wide range of manufacturing and administrative roles. The growth is driven by a combination of new US defence contracts; an upscaling of the company’s global manufacturing and design capacity; and the launch of many new freeform, wafer-scale optics product ranges for defence, industrial and bio-photonic markets; all of which benefit from PowerPhotonic’s improvements to advanced laser system performance and efficiency.

Recruiting and Retaining Staff

Karen Webster, Head of People at PowerPhotonic, explains, “Recruiting and retaining the right calibre of staff has been critical to PowerPhotonic’s success and growth. Both our UK and USA manufacturing sites are strategically placed near centres of excellence for optical engineering, giving access to the specialist engineers and technicians that are essential to our business. In the UK, this is the ‘Optics Glen’, which includes Universities in the cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and St. Andrews, where we utilise and contribute to photonics spin-outs, inward investment and ecosystem growth. In the US, it is the highly significant cluster of photonics businesses, many of which originate from The University of Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences.

“The development and promotion of staff from within the business has also been key. It is highly motivational and critical to staff retention and includes even the most senior roles in the business. Examples include the General Manager, who joined 12 years ago as a Development Engineer and our Head of Production, who joined 8 years ago as Supply Chain Manager.”

The roles filled this year include IT Systems and Security Lead, Head of Finance, Finance and Commercial Manger USA, Equipment Engineer, Regional Sales Manager EMEA, Production Technician USA, Optical Design Engineer USA, and Quality Lead. Recent appointments include  an internal secondment to Buyer, Management Accountant and an open position for a Stores and Logistics Assistant.

PowerPhotonic offers progressive working conditions, when benchmarked against industry best practise, with a notable higher proportion of female staff than the industry standard. The company offers flexible conditions, including compressed hours, hybrid working, core hours, with shift and variable hours available to support childcare, carers and school runs.

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