Home 9 News 9 PowerPhotonic’s new, US manufacturing facility not only enables defence opportunities but also increases supply chain resilience and capacity.

PowerPhotonic’s new, US manufacturing facility has an exact copy of the production line equipment used at its Dalgety Bay HQ, in Scotland. Its location in Sahuarita, Southern Arizona enables the company to start supplying the US defence industry, where the products and components used must be designed and manufactured in the US. In addition, the company now has two, autonomous production lines, which bring essential, supply chain resilience. The new facility also provides a much-needed increase in capacity, as global demand for its precision, wafer-scale optics continues to grow.

Dr. Stephen Kidd, Head of Sales and Marketing at PowerPhotonic, said, “PowerPhotonic’s expansion strategy has three key elements. Firstly, the location of the new factory in the US unlocks huge opportunities to supply the US defence industry, which has many advanced applications that benefit from our unique optics. Secondly, for non-US-defence applications, products can be designed in the US or UK for manufacture in either location, as required. This brings essential resilience to the business and de-risks the supply chain for our customers. Lastly, we have significantly increased our capacity. This is essential to meeting the rapidly increasing demand for our products, worldwide.

“We have immediate demand in the US for high-power Homogenisers for US defence applications. However, many other products will follow, for use in diverse applications including materials processing, medical, industrial and communications.”

For further information on PowerPhotonic in the USA, please contact the CEO of PowerPhotonic Inc., Mark McElhinney at mmcelhinney@powerphotonic.us