Home 9 News 9 PowerPhotonic’s new US manufacturing facility is now producing wafer-scale optical parts for defence applications.

PowerPhotonic is now successfully producing high-precision, high-performance, wafer-scale optical components at its brand-new, US manufacturing facility in Sahuarita, Southern Arizona. It is a milestone moment in the company’s history, not only meeting its ambitious expansion plan, but also unlocking the US defence market, where suppliers must have a fully autonomous, US design and manufacturing infrastructure. The first optical component off the new production line is for a coherent beam combining application in the defence sector.

Dr. Stephen Kidd, Head of Sales and Marketing at PowerPhotonic, said, “PowerPhotonic is now manufacturing and shipping precision, ultra-low loss, wafer-scale optics from its Arizona facility. This facility is a duplicate of our production line in Dalgety Bay, Scotland. It doubles the company’s capacity, helping to meet huge interest and growth in demand for our products. As a duplicate facility, it also builds essential resilience into the business for all our customers, de-risking the supply chain, with the flexibility to manufacture in either location. Our first product is a high-power, Coherent Beam Combiner for a defence application. This is followed by a busy US production schedule, making a range of optics including Laser Beam Shapers, Refractive Diffusers; Microlens Arrays; and High Power Diode Collimators.

For further information on PowerPhotonic in the USA, please contact the CEO of PowerPhotonic Inc., Mark McElhinney at mmcelhinney@powerphotonic.us