Home 9 News 9 PowerPhotonic will launch its Bessel Beam Generator, exhibit and present an invited paper, at SPIE ‘Sensors and Imaging’ in Amsterdam.
PowerPhotonic will launch its Bessel Beam Generator, exhibit and present an invited paper, at SPIE ‘Sensors and Imaging’ in Amsterdam.
coherent beam combining assembly

PowerPhotonic, designer and manufacturer of freeform, wafer-scale optics, will be exhibiting and presenting an invited paper at SPIE Sensors and Imaging. This year’s conference, which is held in Amsterdam, from Sunday 3rd to Wednesday 6th September, is focused on two primary topics; remote sensing systems and applications in security and defence. Plenary sessions will cover the research challenges and breakthroughs in the design and fabrication of sensors and imaging, as well as advances in security system integration.

PowerPhotonic will launch its new Bessel Beam Generator, for diffraction-free, output beam profiles. Bessel Beams have many, varied applications, including the cutting of transparent materials with ultra-short-pulse lasers; “self-healing” of free space communications links; cold atom trapping; and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

Callum Wreford, Lead Engineer at PowerPhotonic, responsible for high-power optics in defence and macro-machining applications, has also been invited to present his paper, ‘Beam combination modules for coherent combining of high-power fiber arrays,’ on Wednesday 6th September. The presentation, with a benchtop demonstration, explains how an array of diverging laser beams of more than 1kW each, can be collimated, shaped, phase flattened and tiled, for high efficiency combining into a single, high brightness beam. The optics module which achieves this is many times smaller than conventional optics solutions and has only been made possible using laser-smoothed, monolithic, freeform surfaces, from PowerPhotonic’s core technology.

PowerPhotonic’s full product range will be on display at SPIE Sensors and Imaging, including Light Tunnel Generators; Beam Shapers for scanners; Beam Shapers for ultra-fast lasers; Lens Array Homogenisers; Axicon Array Homogenisers; Single Mode Laser Beam Shapers; and Prime Beam Shapers.


For more information on the SPIE Sensors and Imaging show, go to: https://spie.org/conferences-and-exhibitions/sensors-and-imaging

For more information on Callum Wreford’s presentation on Wednesday 6th September at 08.50am, go to: https://spie.org/spie-sensors-imaging/presentation/Beam-combination-system-for-coherent-combination-of-high-power-fiber/12739-1