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PowerPhotonic, designer and manufacturer of precision, wafer-scale optics, will be exhibiting at the Industrial Laser Applications Symposium (ILAS), on the 22nd and 23rd March. Dr. Steve Kidd, Head of Sales and Marketing, will deliver a keynote address. The ILAS exhibition is focused on laser material processing. International delegates and speakers, from industry and academia, will share the latest developments in additive manufacturing, welding, cleaning, beam shaping, drilling, cutting, microfabrication and much more. The keynote address, “Performance enhancements in laser cutting sheet metal with ‘Light Tunnel Generators,’” is on Thursday 23rd March at 1.15.

Dr. Kidd said, “The Light Tunnel Generator adapts current, laser cutting, welding, and drilling equipment to improve its performance, productivity and reliability, whilst reducing costs. It increases the depth of focus of high-power, laser beam profiles by up to four times, allowing the cutting of thick metal sheets more easily and efficiently. Custom beam shapes, with diverging or converging profiles and in a range of diameters, can also be produced to suit applications in a range of industries from defence, aerospace and automotive, through to oil and gas, medical, construction and agriculture.”
The prestigious, Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU) Awards, will be presented at the Symposium Dinner on Wednesday 22nd March.

For more information on ILAS 2023, please follow the link: https://ilas2023.co.uk/