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PowerPhotonic was recently invited to round table discussions on technology and US defence support policy with Mark Kelly, the Democratic senator for Arizona. Sahuarita, Arizona, is where PowerPhotonic’s new US production facility is based. The precision, wafer-scale optics, designed and manufactured by the company, have many defence applications. The expertise offered by the company could, therefore, help shape US defence support and spending policy going forward.

Mark McElhinney, CEO of PowerPhotonic Inc., who attended the meeting, said, “The invitation to round table, defence support policy discussions with Senator Mark Kelly was an honour. It is also recognition that our high-tech, optical products could enable many, next-generation defence projects.

“Mark Kelly brought invaluable insight, knowledge, and personal experience to the discussions. He is a veteran of the U.S. navy; has Gulf War combat experience; is a retired astronaut; ex Space Shuttle pilot and commander; and businessman, only recently entering politics.

“Our investment in a US manufacturing site was to enable supply of the US defence industry. The location in Sahuarita has given us access to high calibre engineers and technicians from the University of Arizona’s optics college. However, to have the Arizona senator identifying our company as a both a defence supplier and expert contributor to policy is a huge bonus that will undoubtedly contribute to rapid growth.”


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