Home 9 News 9 PowerPhotonic beam shapers and homogenisers adapt laser tattoo removal products for improved efficiency and performance.

PowerPhotonic, designer and manufacturer of precision, wafer-scale optics, is making laser beam shapers and homogenisers, specifically for laser tattoo removal applications – a rapidly growing, global market valued at USD $392 million, by 2027*. The beam shapers adapt existing tattoo removal products and equipment to give improved efficiency and performance. Similar gains apply to laser-based, skin rejuvenation equipment – a related market into which PowerPhotonic also supplies laser homogenisers.

Mark Wilson, Product Manager at Power Photonic, said, “PowerPhotonic’s laser tattoo removal beam shapers are optimised for safe tattoo removal. Our unique, freeform design creates a ‘flat top’ beam profile at the laser’s point of focus. Speckle is averaged out to give a consistent and even distribution of light intensity to a precise and controlled penetration depth, ideal for successful tattoo removal. The beam shaper also creates a relatively large and uniform spot of light, which can be round or square. This provides excellent coverage of the skin surface, which not only reduces the treatment time, but also minimises excessive heat build-up and hot spots, preventing skin damage like burning or scarring.”

PowerPhotonic has designed a range of stock beam shapers and homogenisers for tattoo removal applications, based on a one-inch diameter substrate and with a variety of output spot profiles. These can be used for existing equipment and procedures, enhancing performance. The company offers custom options which can be tailored to the specific requirements of existing, tattoo removal equipment.

*Research and Markets: Global tattoo removal market.