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About Us

PowerPhotonic is a pioneer in the use of laser micro-machining for use in the manufacturing of precision micro-optics products for laser and optical applications.

PowerPhotonic Ltd. was formed in 2004 to commercialize the technology from fundamental research undertaken at the world-renowned Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. 

Optics Manufacturers have traditionally used lithography, micro-grinding and micro-molding to manufacture a wide range of laser micro-optics products.  However, there are intrinsic limitations with these techniques.  Time to first prototypes is lengthy; new designs are expensive to set up; and there are limitations in the range of surface forms and levels of surface roughness that can be achieved.   The PowerPhotonic laser micro-machining technology overcomes these issues.  And these advantages apply not only to our standard products.  These benefits are leveraged in our custom design and manufacturing service and the LightForge™ rapid fabrication service.

The PowerPhotonic manufacturing process is based on a laser system that shapes and then smooths the refractive surface of fused silica glass.  This gives us unprecedented flexibility to create a complete range of standard products including slow and fast axis collimators, lens arrays, beam shapers, transformers and correctors, as well as offering a cost effective custom micro-optics manufacturing service called LightForge™.

The new LightForge™ rapid fabrication service is revolutionizing the purchase of custom micro-optics.  Up until now, the specification, ordering and supply of new micro-optic components has been an expensive and time-consuming process, involving design and drawing review, long fabrication lead-times and substantial NRE.  By standardizing component specification, shortening lead time for custom parts and removing the need for NRE, LightForge™ has created a new paradigm in micro-optics manufacturing.  Customers are able to create innovative new freeform surfaces, test new ideas and verify designs for production without incurring expensive upfront engineering charges and lengthy prototyping lead times.

PowerPhotonic’s business is underpinned by two decades of fundamental research and development and a growing portfolio of patents.  Combined with a team skilled in the art of designing, manufacturing and testing high performance laser optics, we believe that PowerPhotonic is your ideal solutions partner.