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Design Rules

PowerPhotonic exclusively uses UV-fused silica for all its optics.  PowerPhotonic’s process technology is completely freeform with no symmetry constraints and no aspect ratio constraints.  The key design rules and boundary conditions are listed below.  Please contact PowerPhotonic’s technical team for more information by submitting an electronic request form to us in Support.

Substrate Material Characteristics
Material UV-fused silica only (all grades including low-OH types)
Design Wavelength Suitable for 190nm to 2um


Substrate Characteristics Description Min Typ. Max Units
Wafer Size Any size or shape 0.5 120 mm
​Clear Aperture 100 mm
​Wafer Thickness 0.25 10 mm


Optic Surface Description Min Typ. Max Units
Sag 200 um
Slope 60 Deg
Lens Size 100 um
Feature Size 20 um
Scaling Accuracy 2 3 %
Surface Roughness (Rq​)​ 1 nm