Refractive Diffusers

Diffusers operate using the same principle as a Lens Array homogeniser and are used with multi-mode laser sources.  They are designed to impart a controlled angular distribution to an input beam.  PowerPhotonic’s diffusers use our freeform direct-write process to fabricate the highly non-uniform surfaces in fused silica.  The optics deliver a defined intensity pattern in the far-field, with a wide variety of distributions ranging from simple Gaussian diffusers to more complex beamshapers that create spots that are flat-top or annular; all with tightly controlled angles of divergence ranging from fractions of a degree up to 10 degrees and potential transmission efficiencies in excess of 99%.


The far-field shape can be Gaussian or shaped to produce radial geometry spots: circles, ovals, rings and other rectilinear shapes.  Uniquely the divergence angle can be controlled very precisely.