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PowerPhotonic has a portfolio of services from complete optic design, simulation, fabrication, realisation and verification.   We can fabricate parts directly from a drawing, work with a customer to optimise an existing design, or provide an entirely new design to meet a customer’s performance specification.

We can create complex optics integrating multiple aspheres and prisms or create any arbitrary freeform refractive surface.  Unlike alternative approaches that use complex and costly manufacturing processes, our laser micro-machining process is capable of delivering results quickly and cost effectively.

Key Services

  • Optical design, modelling and realisation based on customer’s performance requirements typically using a combination of Zemax and Matlab
  • Optimization of customer’s design to meet performance and cost targets
  • Fabrication of customer-designed optic using PowerPhotonic’s laser micro-machining process
  • Analysis of real world performance and tolerance analysis

Benefits of PowerPhotonic Design Services

  • Complete flexibility to create freeform refractive optics, within the design rules of the PowerPhotonic laser micro-machining process
  • Freedom to create functions such as homogenizers, diffusers, beam shapers, aberration compensators or generate a completely bespoke solution
  • Suitable for high peak and average power applications