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Fiber Coupling Microlens Arrays


PowerPhotonic’s fiber coupling microlens array products offer a wide range of configurations, focal lengths, and forms.  Using PowerPhotonic’s unique laser direct-write process, we can create a wide range of lens array optics without the need for a mask or mold tooling.

One-dimensional arrays are available with a standard lens pitch of 250µm, or can be supplied with customer-specified pitch.

Two-dimensional arrays are available with sphere, asphere, astigmatic, cylindrical or acylindrical lenses on a regular or customer specified grid.

The microlens array can be fabricated within a larger planar substrate to enable ease of mounting, without the mount impinging on the clear aperture of the microlens array.

Product Spec Sheet

Download: Fiber Coupling Lens Array Data Sheet.pdf

Key Features

  • UV-fused silica
  • Large range of lens arrays possible
  • One or two dimensional grid
  • High uniformity of RoC, conic and pitch
  • Free choice of lens form;  spherical, aspherical, anamorphic, biconic, cylindrical, acylindrical


  • Application-specific lens arrays – avoids the design compromises imposed by the use of catalog parts
  • Optimized lens profile for best performance
  • Low scatter and low crosstalk

Target Applications

  • Fiber array collimators
  • WSS systems
  • R/OADM systems
  • Optical interconnects
  • High performance optical communications

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