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Fiber Coupling Microlens Arrays


Collimation and coupling of fibers can be made simple with the use of a PowerPhotonic fiber array. PowerPhotonic standard lens arrays are designed for coupling or collimation of SMF-28 single mode fibers.

Multi-channel optical communication systems require microlens arrays for coupling between laser sources, fiber and waveguide arrays, optical multiplexing and optical switching.


Key Features

• High uniformity of RoC, conic and pitch
• High Transmission
• Very Low Scatter


Made from fused silica, these microlens arrays entirely avoid the need for polymer or epoxy in the optical path, offering a high-reliability solution for demanding optical communications applications. Each lenslet in an array can be completely freeform, including toroidal shapes.

Target Applications

• Fiber Array Collimation
• Wavefront Selective Switching
• High Performance Telecoms

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