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Gaussian Diffusers


Improve the performance of multi-mode laser applications – use PowerPhotonic components to modify the multi-mode laser beam, creating a better match to the needs of the application. Gaussian Diffusers from PowerPhotonic are thin glass windows that are an excellent solution to the following problems:

• Removing structure from a beam or light source
• Homogenizing a beam that has “hot spots”
• Increasing beam divergence by a precisely defined amount

If you want to change the geometry of the beam – from circular to square (for example), please refer to the PowerPhotonic Beam Shaper products on our website.

Product Spec Sheet

Gaussian Diffuser (PDF)

Key Features

• No Diffractional Effects
• Insensitive to Input Parameters
• Efficient Conversion
• High LIDT Performance


Unique to PowerPhotonic, we create a diffuser surface from a multitude of randomised angled facets; so called Pseudo Random Intensity Mapping
Elements (PRIME). The effect of the PRIME surface is to add a Gaussian statistical distribution of divergence angles to the input beam. The full width
angle of this distribution is the nominal design divergence of the PRIME. Users may then use a lens (not supplied by PowerPhotonic) to focus the beam to a Gaussian spot.

Target Applications

• Laser Tattoo Removal
• Laser Skin Rejuvenation
• Laser Projection
• Source Homogenisation

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