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Gaussian Diffusers


PowerPhotonic’s Psuedo Random Intensity Mapping Element (PRIME) flat-top diffusers use a unique freeform direct-write process to fabricate a highly non-uniform surface in fused silica.

These quasi-random optics are designed to impart a well-defined and tightly controlled divergence angle which can range from fractions of a degree up to 10 degrees (FWHM) with potential transmission efficiencies in excess of 99%.

The Gaussian properties of the focused spot can be easily customized by supplying desired parameters to maximize system performance, creating both supra- and super- Gaussian distributions.

Product Spec Sheet

No product sheet available – e-mail enquiries to sales@powerphotonic.com

Key Features

  • All fused silica optics
  • Customizable divergence (<1° to 10°)
  • Customizable Gaussian parameters
  • Very low divergences achievable
  • Suitable for multi-mode lasers (M2 >5)


  • Highest system efficiency possible >98%
  • Dramatic increase in beam uniformity
  • High power handling, >20kW CW
  • High laser damage threshold, >100J/cm2
  • Good through-focus performance
  • Insensitive to input beam properties

Target Applications

  • Materials processing: high power
    • Laser cutting
    • Conduction welding, cladding, brazing, soldering
    • Laser peening and heat treatment
  • Diode array and pump beam homogenization
  • Laser Projectors

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