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Custom Diffusers


PowerPhotonic’s Psuedo Random Intensity Mapping Element (PRIME) flat-top diffusers use a unique freeform direct-write process to fabricate a highly non-uniform surface in fused silica.

These quasi-random optics are designed to impart a well-defined and tightly controlled divergence angle which can range from fractions of a degree up to 10 degrees (FWHM) with potential transmission efficiencies in excess of 99%.

Customised diffusers can be used to create highly arbitrary intensity distributions specific to an application.  Examples of intensity distributions include tridents, ramps and skewed Gaussians whilst spatial distributions can include triangles, arcs and more.

Product Spec Sheet

Download: Custom Diffuser Datasheet 8 January 2016.pdf

Key Features

  • All fused silica optics
  • Customizable divergence (<1° to 10°)
  • Customizable intensity and spatial distributions
  • Highly variable edge steepness
  • Very low divergences achievable
  • Suitable for multi-mode lasers (M2 >5)


  • Highest system efficiency possible >98%
  • Dramatic increase in beam uniformity
  • High power handling, >20kW CW
  • High laser damage threshold, >100J/cm2
  • Good through-focus performance
  • Insensitive to input beam properties

Target Applications

  • Materials processing: high power
    • Laser cutting
    • Laser peening and slow cool annealing
    • Active seam track welding and brazing
    • Metal polishing
  • Diode array and pump beam homogenization
  • Ultrafast laser pulse homogenization

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