Smile Correctors


PowerPhotonic provides a range of smile correctors for laser diode bar and stack applications.  These innovative products remove the effects of “smile” error on the collimated beam.  Standard products have parabolic smile correction, but can be specified with custom pointing error correction for each emitter.

The “smile” effect, caused by CTE mismatch during solder bonding, prevents the fast axis collimation (FAC) lens being correctly positioned for all points along the bar, resulting in beams with variable pointing direction.  This increases overall fast-axis divergence, and can have a severely detrimental impact on VBG locking efficiency and locking range.

The smile correction value is marked on the optic for easy identification for select on test in production.

The PowerPhotonic Smile Correctors remove the impact of these degradations resulting in a dramatic improvement in laser performance.

Product Spec Sheet

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Key Features

  • Single optic that can reduce smile to a level that no longer affects system performance
  • Monolithic design
  • Fixed or custom variants possible
  • Transmission 99%
  • UV-fused silica


  • Reduces residual smile to less than 0.2mrad r.m.s.
  • Decreases fast-axis divergence
  • Increases fibre-coupled power
  • Increases VBG locking efficiency and locking range
  • Small number of select-on-test variants can effectively remove a wide range of smile errors
  • Increases assembly yield in wavelength-locked and high brightness products

Target Applications

  • Laser diode bars and laser diode stacks
  • Solid-state laser pumping
  • Wavelength-locked diode lasers
  • Fiber direct diode

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