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Field Mapper SACs


PowerPhotonic’s family of Freeform Field Mapper SACs provide both slow axis collimation and fast axis beam shaping in a single optical element, dramatically improving efficiency, shortening the optical train and reducing cost in diode laser pump or other similar applications.

These optics consist of a monolithic array of lens-like elements. In the slow axis, an array of cylindrical elements reduce divergence, whilst single mode beam shaping elements transform the fast axis into an array of flat top spots.

Made from UV-fused silica, the Field Mapper SACs leverage PowerPhotonic’s unique freeform fabrication technology and in-house expertise in optical design, modelling and fully freeform fabrication technology enabling the creation completely custom Field Mapper SAC solutions for use in a wide range of diode lasers and applications.

Product Spec Sheet

No product sheet available – e-mail enquiries to sales@powerphotonic.com

Key Features

  • UV-fused silica
  • Monolithic design
  • Efficient collimation
  • Transmission >99%
  • Long term mechanical stability
  • Flexible size and range of pitch combinations
  • Customization options


  • System performance optimization
  • Increased diode pump efficiency
  • Shortens the optical train
  • Simplifies system alignment
  • Low scatter and cross talk
  • Compatible with off-the-shelf FACs

Target Applications

  • High power laser diode bars and stacks
  • Solid-state laser pumping
  • Fiber-coupled direct diode
  • Free-space direct diode

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