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Fast Axis Collimator Arrays


PowerPhotonic’s range of fast axis collimator arrays (FAC) is designed to interface to complete laser diode stacks.  They allow the entire diode stack output to be collimated with a single element, providing an ultra-compact and robust solution that radically simplifies the cost and time of assembly of the complete system.

The FAC array can either be specified with a standard bar pitch or, for optimal performance, matched to the diode bar stack using bar pitch data provided by the customer.  As a further optimization, PowerPhotonic offers customers the ability to customize the FAC array to tailor the far field profile to meet specific application requirements.

Product Spec Sheet

No product sheet available – e-mail enquiries to sales@powerphotonic.com

Key Features

  • UV-fused silica
  • Single monolithic FAC array
  • High beam quality for QCW stack collimation and beam symmetrization
  • Fixed pitch increments, for select-on-test use
  • Matched-pitch, to optimize collimation of a specific stack
  • Single FAC element for a diode stack


  • Single optic collimates entire stack
  • Minimizes assembly time and build complexity with single active align and attach
  • Low mounted mass, minimum number of mechanical interface
  • Mechanically robust monolithic solution

Target Applications

  • QCW laser diode stacks
  • Solid state laser pumping
  • Illuminators
  • Line generators
  • Medical
  • Materials processing

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