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Diode Correction PhasePlates


PowerPhotonic High Power Diode Correction Phaseplates null the laser beam wavefront error, restoring the intrinsic ex-facet brightness of the laser beam.  These products provide near-diffraction limited performance in fast-axis collimated beams by decreasing beam divergence, improving beam homogeneity and  coupled power, and increasing laser beam brightness by between 2 and 10 times.

Our Diode Correction Phaseplates compensate for smile errors due to emitter pointing variation, defocus and higher-order wavefront errors, and align all bars to a common boresight direction, resulting in a high-brightness beam with consistent pointing and divergence.  Far field image data is processed remotely to create individually serialized optics that perfectly match the bar or stack.

The resulting collimation performance gives exceptionally well-controlled feedback in grating-stabilized applications resulting in high locking efficiency, increased locking range and predictable performance build after build.

Product Spec Sheet

No product sheet available – e-mail enquiries to sales@powerphotonic.com

Key Features

  • Nulls laser beam wavefront error, restores intrinsic ex-facet brightness of the laser beam
  • Provides near-diffraction limited performance in fast-axis collimated beams
  • Mass-customization allows optimized part to be fabricated for each individual bar and stack
  • Automated design based on either wavefront or beam profile data
  • Each part marked with readable, traceable ID code


  • Improve brightness of diode bards and stacks by between 2 and 10 times
  • Decreases beam divergence, improves beam homogeneity and coupling power
  • Optimizes feedback in grating stabilized applications, maximizing locking efficiency and range
  • Reduces stack-to-stack performance variation

Target Applications

  • High brightness diode laser bars and stacks
  • Fiber-couple direct-diode
  • Fiber laser pump
  • Wavelength-locked applications
  • Line generators

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