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Single Mode Laser Beamshapers


PowerPhotonic’s single mode field mappers use a unique freeform direct-write process to fabricate customized single mode beamshaping surfaces in to a fused silica substrate.

These single mode beamshapers are carefully designed to transform a single mode beam into a variety of image shapes at the focus of a lens, providing the highest performance in shape and efficiency without adding additional speckle or diffraction artifacts.

PowerPhotonic’s fabrication technology can generate field mappers to produce a wide selection of shapes and intensity distributions including square, round, annular and more.  These field mappers are offered in a 1 optic or 2 optic solution, allowing for optimal tradeoffs between cost and performance.

Key Features

  • All fused silica optics
  • Customizable image shapes
  • Customizable image sizes
  • No additional speckle or diffraction artifacts
  • Long depth of focus version available
  • Suitable for single-mode TEM00 lasers (M2 < 2)
  • Suitable for use with galvo-fθ system


  • Highest system efficiency possible >98%
  • Dramatic increase in beam uniformity
  • High power handling, >20kW CW
  • High laser damage threshold, >100J/cm2
  • No focal plane shift
  • Good through-focus performance
  • Long depth of focus
  • Nearly diffraction limited spot size

Target Applications

  • Materials processing: low power and pulsed
    • Laser polishing
    • Laser marking and drilling
    • Laser lift-off
    • Glass annealing and crystallisation
  • Solar cell and Li-ion battery manufacturing

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