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Multimode Beam Shaper


Improve the performance of multi-mode laser applications – use PowerPhotonic components to modify the multi-mode laser beam, creating a better  match to the needs of the application. Multimode beam shapers from PowerPhotonic are thin glass windows that are an excellent solution to the following problems:

• Generating an accurate Flat Top output from a Gaussian input
• Removing structure from a beam or light source
• Homogenizing a beam that has “hot spots”

If you want to customise the size or shape of the output spot, contact PowerPhotonic sales and technical team to discuss.

Product Spec Sheet

Multimode Beam Shaper (PDF)

Key Features

• No Diffractional Effects
• Insensitive to Input Parameters
• Uniform Flat Top Profile
• High LIDT Performance


Unique to PowerPhotonic, we create a diffuser surface from a multitude of randomised angled facets; so called Pseudo Random Intensity Mapping Elements (PRIME). The effect of the PRIME surface is to add a Flat Top statistical distribution of divergence angles to the input beam. The full width
angle of this distribution is the nominal design divergence of the PRIME. Users may then use a lens (not supplied by PowerPhotonic) to focus the beam to a flat top spot.

Target Applications

• Laser Tattoo Removal
• Laser Skin Rejuvenation
• Laser Projection
• Source Homogenization

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