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Beam Shaper for Scanners


Save costs by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of single-mode laser scanning applications. Use a PowerPhotonic component to optimize the spot on the workpiece.

Flat Top beam shapers from PowerPhotonic are thin glass windows with a precision freeform surface that are designed to be mounted at the entrance aperture of a scanner.

They are a perfect solution to the problem of creating a uniform intensity profile at the scanner focus AND keeping the spot size close to its diffraction limit. In our product range of flat top beam shapers there are optics that change just the beam profile, optics that change just shape of the spot, and optics that change BOTH the profile and shape of the spot.

We have standard products compatible with single mode fiber lasers operating at 1070nm and for frequency doubled single mode lasers operating at 535nm.

Our design and manufacturing process makes it easy for variations of standard products to be created.

Key Features

  • Efficient beam conversion
  • High power handling
  • Cost effective
  • Customizable for wavelength
  • Customizable for beam size


  • Easy to incorporate with an existing scanner
  • Cost effective beam shaping
  • Highly durable fused silica optic

Target Applications

  • Laser Additive Manufacturing
  • Remote Welding
  • Remote Cutting
  • Scribing
  • Drilling

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