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Axicon Array Homogenizers


PowerPhotonic’s axicon array homogenizing beamshapers use a unique freeform direct-write process to fabricate customized axicon array surfaces in fused silica.

These axicon array homogenizers are carefully designed to produce ring shaped spots at the focus of a lens; simultaneously maximizing performance and efficiency.  The axicons are laid out in a hexagonal formation in order to maximize the uniformity of the intensity distribution around the ring.

Axicon array homogenizers are highly insensitive to input intensity distribution and positioning within the beam, unlike traditional axicon elements.  PowerPhotonic’s fabrication technology also offers the ability to change the thickness of the ring, as well as the extinction ratio in the ring center, by precisely altering the characteristics of the axicons within the array.

Product Spec Sheet

No product sheet available – e-mail enquiries to sales@powerphotonic.com

Key Features

  • All fused silica optics
  • Customizable ring width
  • Customizable ring thickness
  • Customizable central extinction
  • Low divergences achievable
  • Suitable for multi-mode lasers (M2 >10)


  • Highest system efficiency possible >98%
  • Dramatic increase in beam uniformity
  • High power handling, >20kW CW
  • High laser damage threshold, >100J/cm2
  • No focal plane shift
  • Good through-focus performance
  • Insensitive to input beam properties

Target Applications

  • Materials processing: high power
    • Regime shift (thin <-> thick) laser cutting
    • PCB laser drilling
    • Solar cell manufacturing
  • Photonic crystal pumping

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