The Industry’s Widest Portfolio of Precision Micro-Optics

PowerPhotonic manufactures a range of products suitable for use right across the micro-optics community; for the materials processing, medical systems, and optical communications industries; for big science and the industrial R&D sector; and for defense applications.  Our product development is aimed at ensuring we stay ahead of the competition and remain as the industry’s foremost leader in delivering innovation, functionality and performance.

High Power Diode Laser Optics

PowerPhotonic offer a wide range of optics for collimation and correcting of laser diode bars and stacks.  Our slow-axis collimators and smile correctors are used to increase brightness in HPDL-based systems, and our HPDL brightness optimizers offer the highest achievable brightness for the most demanding applications.  We also provide systems for HPDL beam symmetrization, to maximize fiber-coupled efficiency.

Industrial Materials Processing

Our beam shapers, homogenizers and diffusers combine high beam uniformity with high efficiency.  For high-brightness SSL and fiber-laser systems, our beam shapers can produce application-specific intensity profiles without loss of power, maximizing overall process efficiency. All PowerPhotonic optics exhibit high efficiency, making them particularly well suited to high power multi-kilowatt applications.


The defense industry faces a constant challenge of delivering higher brightness and higher power in a smaller and more efficient package.  PowerPhotonic’s products have a particular advantage as the bulk properties of the UV-fused silica are unaltered by processing, rendering PowerPhotonic optics with the ability to tolerate extremely high LIDT.








Optical Communications

Multi-channel optical communication systems require microlens arrays for coupling between laser sources, fiber and waveguide arrays, optical multiplexing and optical switching.  PowerPhotonic’s microlens arrays are the ideal lens solution, providing a precise and monolithic component for array collimation and coupling.  Made from synthetic fused silica, these lenses entirely avoid the need for polymer or epoxy in the optical path, offering a high-reliability solution for demanding optical communications applications with very low insertion loss and high coupling efficiency.

Medical and Scientific

New applications for lasers in medical devices and scientific research require beams with a wide range of properties.  A single optic from PowerPhotonic can often replace a cascade of off-the-shelf lenses, beam shapers and correction optics, or provide functionality that is simply not achievable via any combination of off-the-shelf optics.

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