Home 9 News 9 PowerPhotonic’s new Light Tunnel Generator, which improves the laser cutting of sheet metal, will be profiled at EuroBLECH 2022.

PowerPhotonic Ltd, designer and manufacturer of precision, wafer-scale optics, will be exhibiting its unique, new Light Tunnel Generator, a beam shaper for laser cutting, at the EuroBLECH exhibition in Hannover, from 25 – 28th October. EuroBLECH is the premier European trade show for international manufacturers and suppliers of sheet metal fabrication services; a global market worth an estimated $17.2 billion by 2026*.

Dr. Stephen Kidd, Head of Sales and Marketing at PowerPhotonic, said, “The PowerPhotonic Light Tunnel Generator, which is part of our Beam Shaper range, adapts existing, high-power laser cutting, welding, and drilling equipment for improved performance and productivity. It converts a 1070nm, high-power, laser beam profile into a ring-shaped spot with up to four times the depth of focus of alternatives. This allows it to cut through thick metal sheets more easily and efficiently.

“The Light Tunnel Generator also increases equipment reliability and usability whilst reducing unit costs, thereby reducing total cost of ownership. Custom options, with different beam diameters a choice of diverging or converging beams, can also be designed and built to order.”

Sheet metal is core to many industries, including military, defence, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, industrial machinery, medical devices, construction, agriculture, consumer products, and electronics. EuroBLECH is focused on smart manufacturing and innovation at every point in the sheet metal, technology supply chain, including materials, machines, tools, and systems, with an emphasis on automation, green energy, and sustainability.

For more information on EuroBLECH 2022, please follow the link: https://www.euroblech.com/en-gb.html

*Research and Markets: Sheet Metal Fabrication Services, July 2022.


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