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PowerPhotonic, an innovative world leader utilising freeform optics in the design & manufacture of wafer scale micro-optics, has recently enhanced is quality systems and gained certified accreditation to the ISO9001:2015 quality standard.

Founded in 2004, PowerPhotonic has maintained quality as a key element in its growth and success. Its product lines now include beam shapers, homogenizers, distortion correctors and high efficiency diode laser optics . PowerPhotonic continues to grow, and has achieved a size and scale of design & manufacturing activity that gains from having its quality system ISO9001 certified.
This brings important benefits to customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders: customers have an increased and independent assurance of quality, which may reduce their frequency of audit visits; suppliers can be assured consistent processes and procedures are applied to the supply chain; employees have a clear quality ethic to maintain with their work and shareholders can be assured that PowerPhotonic has adopted industry best practice.

We thank all of our customers for their continued support and business and hope that as their success grows, they will gain more from PowerPhotonic’s quality system being accredited to ISO9001. Please contact sales@powerphotonic.com for further information.

Power Photonic Ltd ISO9001 2015 certificate