Papers at Laser Munich 2015

10 April, 2015

PowerPhotonic To Present Two Papers at LASER World Of Photonics 2015.

The two papers will focus on the design and implementation of new classes of refractive optics for high power materials processing.

The first describes the use of a novel microlens array design in UV-fused silica for shaping of a fiber laser beam for use in high power materials processing applications. The second showcases the design of a refractive diffuser that takes advantage of PowerPhotonic’s unique freeform optic manufacturing technology.

Title: Beamshaping and homogenisation of High-Power Fibre Lasers using a Concave Toroidal Microlens-Array

EOSMTOCII: HVM 1 22nd June 2015,
2:00pm – 4:00pm
Room 2, Ground Floor, Congress Centre

Title: Customised Refractive Diffusers for High Power Laser Applications

22nd June 2015, 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Room 2, Ground Floor, Congress Centre

These new design techniques will be used to add to PowerPhotonic’s ever expanding range of beam shaper products, used for materials processing applications such as welding, cutting, ablation, peening and marking.

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